Fujairah Observer - Pizza chefs for the day

Fujairah students turn pizza chefs for the day

Fujairah students turn pizza chefs for the day

What’s better than eating pizza? Making it first and then eating it, of course! That’s what children from GEMS Winchester Private School – Fujairah discovered recently when they swapped their classrooms for the professional kitchen at Domino’s Pizza.

The pizza-making outing proved so popular that the school arranged not one but two trips – the first for students in KG1 to Grade 2, the second for Grades 3-8. Excitement, and a few nerves, too, were running high as the students and support assistants made their way to Domino’s, where the staff gave the visitors a warm welcome and set out what to expect.

First up was making sure the boys and girls looked the part, so they donned their caps, aprons, and gloves, then heading two at a time into the big kitchen. There, they were handed dough, which they proceeded to squish, knead, and roll into round pizza bases. Next, they smeared delicious, thick tomato sauce over the base, making sure to cover every last inch, before making the very difficult decision of what toppings to add. Some went for minimal and classic; others adopted a ‘more is definitely better’ approach! Last of all, you could be forgiven for thinking it was raining formaggio, as the children got to sprinkle cheese all over their pizzas.

Always with health and safety in mind, the staff at Domino’s slid the pizzas into the hot ovens, the students watching wide-eyed from a safe distance as their magnificent creations were baked to perfection. The little visitors’ patience was seriously put to the test as they waited to take their first bite.

When the moment finally came, they all agreed that these were without doubt the best pizzas ever – so good that it was all they could do to stop themselves from devouring the lot! After all, they did have to save at least one slice for their families to try at home.

After such a fun day out, the children won’t be forgetting their pizza-making skills in a hurry. In fact, we strongly suspect that pizza will be Fujairah’s most popular item on the dinner table from now on. Buon appetito!

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