Why WSF?

At GEMS Winchester Shcool - Fujairah, we provide high quality education following the British curriculum within a modern and well-equipped campus. Our school offers students a diverse and vibrant learning environment that is safe and inclusive.

Academic Achievements

We are hugely proud of our Class of 2022 and we are pleased to report their results place them above their UK peers. Over 79% of our cohort achieved A*-C grades, with 67% of students achieved A*-B grades, placing WSF students above UK national achievement.
In English Language, 100% of students secured a good passing grade, with a third achieving the top grade of A*. Almost half of all students entered for Biology, Chemistry and Physics secured an A grade or better.

Partnership with Parents
At WSF, we ensure that Parents and guardians are at the heart of our children's education. We consistently work with our parents to best support our students' learning needs and overall wellbeing.


WSF is an inclusive school and we believe in the fundamental right of every child to access a quality education. We welcome students with a range of learning preferences, including students of determination (those with special education needs and disabilities), students who are gifted and talented, and students who are English Language Learners. Our teachers and Inclusion team are experienced and well-equipped to identify and support the different levels of learning needs.


Student wellbeing is of the utmost importance at WSF and it is important they feel safe, secure and happy each day. Social and emotional wellbeing is essential for effective learning, so it is crucial that schools listen to students’ thoughts and feelings. Each student at WSF completes the PASS survey annually. This survey focuses on three areas - how a pupil feels about themselves, their engagement with the curriculum, and their feelings about school. Our survey findings show that our students feel happy and engaged in school. Click to view our survey results.