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Penelope Meyer

Head of Inclusion

I am honoured to join GEMS Winchester Private School, Fujairah as Head of Inclusion this term. I have taught in three different countries over the past 16 years and have a special interest in inclusion, SEND and EAL. As an advocate for inclusion, equity and belonging, I have spent the past eight years leading inclusive education in primary and secondary schools and I am looking forward to bringing the strengths of inclusion to GEMS WSF.

My approach to inclusive education is neurodiversity-affirming and strengths-based. With a philosophy of inclusive education is that promotes an understanding of the individual learning process of each student to create supportive learning environments, provide early interventions and targeted remediation so our students can access learning, develop self-awareness and resilience, and feel that they belong. I have an Honours Degree in Inclusive Education and am currently reading my master’s degree in Inclusive Education, specializing in lesson planning for inclusion. In addition, as a managing member of the Institute of Specialist Practitioners in Inclusive Education (ISPIE) in South Africa, I was involved in establishing the framework for the designations to recognize professionals working in the field of inclusive education.