Parent Testimonials

Why do parents enjoy WSF?

Parents and guardians should be at the heart of any child's education. We value our parents' feedback and ensure they have the best experience at WSF.

Parent Testimonials

  • Recently I transferred my children to GEMSS WSF and now I can say: their future is
    safe and successful insha'Allah.
    I can't wait for next year to enroll my third son.
    GEMS WSF is the right destination for your children's education!

    Ali Harb

  • I would like to thank GEMS Winchester School, Fujairah, for the education and educational care
    they provide to our students, and this is what we have seen over the past years through the
    educational progress of our children. We also thank them for their continuous monthly follow-up
    with the parents regarding the students' academic progress. The school also has an excellent
    security system and, a great structure in terms of classroom design and strong faculty selection.

    Halima AL hashemi

  • WSF should be everyone's first choice for their kids.


    S- Safe


    Providing opportunities, building abilities, and integrating students of determination

    into Society.

    WSF is a school beyond boundaries!

    Khulood Aljassim

  • I highly recommend choosing GEMS Winchester School - Fujairah for educating students.
    because of its discipline, safety, and unlimited attention to students and parents.

    Laila Khamis Saif Al Shamsi

  • To those who want an excellent educational service according to well-studied and
    systematic educational programs with the use of the latest educational methods that
    keep pace with the tỉmes.
    GEMS Winchester School is your first choice. Where the school provides full support to
    the student in terms of psychological, physical, and cultural in addition to supporting
    students with special needs and effective communication with parents.

    Mariam Rashed

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