Innovation Labs Open Doors at WSF

Innovation Labs Open Doors

At Winchester School, Fujairah, we are committed to providing various opportunities for all students, including those who demonstrate exceptional performance within and beyond the curricular expectations, to support their growth and meet their career aspirations. On 13th January, we hosted our first parent-expert talk on marketing, delivered by our parent-partner. The Secondary school students attended an informative session and learned about developing products, brands and different types of effective communication. We analysed the differences between brands and labels and touched upon the importance of various modes of communication to ensure that marketing campaigns run successfully. Our Student Council was keen on understanding the best strategies to promote and organise school events, as the students continue building platforms for enrichment opportunities.

Such events help our students discover their passions, develop leadership skills, support their extra-curricular interests and positively contribute to the school community. We are happy to have a proactive community of parents and look forward to engaging expert talks to continue embracing our students' excellence.

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